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You may have heard about them in a podcast advertisement, but Mailchimp is great for a number of reasons. Their email template builder is simple to use and they have a generous free tier for up to 2000 subscribers. Sign up today to get a free $30 credit!

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People often need a nudge to return to a website. This nudge can be in the form of viewing a post on social media. If the post interests them, they’ll click the link to the website. A more direct nudge can be in the form of an email received from being on a mailing list such as a newsletter. Mailchimp—an email marking tool—is the perfect solution to send those direct nudges with the goal of bringing people back to your website. Even better: You can attract them with a drip campaign.

The Drip Campaign

What is a drip campaign? How is it different from a normal email marketing campaign? A standard email marketing campaign requests an action right away. A drip campaign nurtures the subscriber to take an action at a later time.

Picture a vegetable plant under a slowly-dripping faucet. The plant grows as the days pass by. One day, the vegetable will be ripe for picking. This visualization can be correlated with that of a drip campaign. The emails you send takes the place of the water droplets. The email list subscriber—a potential customer or client—takes the place of the vegetable plant.

Why You Should Use a Drip Campaign

Not every email list subscriber is ready to buy what you’re offering. A regular email campaign acts as a way to quickly close the deal. An example is “Click here for 20% off!.” A drip campaign, on the other hand, warmed up the potential buyer over a series of emails. One way to do this is by sharing content on an eventual basis.

This strategy could mean you giving subscribers a sneak peek at a new product or service. Over time, you can reveal more and more to your subscribers. The goals here are you raise interest level and build familiarity and trust. When you’re ready, you’ll send the most important email of the drip campaign: the conversion email which aims to draw paid subscriptions or sales.

Setting up a Drip Campaign

Your first step is to sign up for a free Mailchimp account. It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers. After that, plans start at only $10/month. The key to setting up a drip campaign lies in Mailchimp’s autoresponder feature. This feature is part of Mailchimp’s Automation Workflow section.

The autoresponder is an automated email that gets sent at a predetermined day and time. Since we’re wanting to start a drip campaign, the autoresponder will have multiple emails scheduled for your subscribers.

After clicking autoresponder and setting up when you want the emails to go out it’s time to create the actual emails. Keep in mind, as stated before, you’re going to want to give a little more information with each email. How many emails is enough for conversion? That’s something you’ll have to field test.

A drip campaign can be a powerful way to convert mailing subscribers into customers or clients.

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