References & Walkthroughs for Nontechnical Founders

Using Shopify to Set up an Online Store

New products often start with a simple, exciting idea. As an entrepreneur, this feeling might be familiar to you. There are always opportunities for new products to fill demand in the marketplace. If you have an idea for a new product, you’ll...

14 Alternatives to Google Forms

A Guide Especially for Startups

I’ve been using Google Forms for over a decade, and it has continued to impress me with new features, improved design, and more flexibility every year. Coupled with Zapier for automation, there’s not a lot you can’t do with Google Forms.

Using Medium for Your Startup's Blog

How large is your online footprint? Marketing your startup is a matter of getting your information in front of more people. This means enlarging the size of your online footprint. You’ll need social media accounts, a newsletter, and a blog to use...

Using Mailchimp to Send a Drip Email Campaign

People often need a nudge to return to a website. This nudge can be in the form of viewing a post on social media. If the post interests them, they’ll click the link to the website. A more direct nudge can be...